I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the book you published. I am on week 9, day 3 and read about your Dad and how he took the Word to the people back in 1972 in Worcester. Love that story and so glad you shared it. I look forward to opening up your book each day, okay maybe not every day, but I honestly try and miss it when I don't. It has truly touched me spiritually and has made me look within myself and ask God to search my heart and bring forth everything in my life that I have not totally surrendered to Him. It's a lot! I know it's a daily process and your book has been an awesome "How-to Guide." I look forward to Volume 2!

Tracy in Oklahoma

I am nearly at a loss for words in describing this book. It’s just about everything you could want. As a daily read, I would subtitle it "5 minutes with the Master” because that’s all it takes to complete any given day’s offering and you will know Father better at the end of those 300 tics. It can be a journal, a workbook, a daily devotional, a self-help manual; like I said…everything! Tim Tremaine has done a masterful job in combining scripture, poetry, personal experience, hymn lyrics, and much more in an effort to present exactly what the title promises…victory through surrender. At times I thought I was reading the depth of Oswald Chambers. I can’t ever recall saying that about another author. In the Christian walk, we have to lose to win, every day. Anything less than that will award a much shallower prize at day’s end. The quest of following Jesus is not for the faint of heart; it’s tough, and it’s real. This book will help you in that quest. I give it 5 stars without reservation!

Terry MacAlmon, New Glory International

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