Coming soon: Victory Through Surrender Volume Two

About my new book Victory Through Surrender Volume Two
Personal Story from Victory Through Surrender Volume One

Coming soon: Victory Through Surrender Volume Two

Last week I finished the Victory Through Surrender Volume Two manuscript and approved the cover design.  You can preview the new design on the home page.  I expect to receive a proof copy of the book soon.  When that copy is approved, Volume Two can be released to the printer and the booksellers.  I, Tim Tremaine,  praise God that He has brought us to the end of this 4-year journey of researching and writing this book.  One of the main points of the book is to demonstrate and model how to verbalize one’s surrender to the Lord.  In addition to the model prayer I share in both volumes, I composed about a third of the book by turning Scripture into confessionals that can be said out loud in prayer.  Praying the Scripture is certainly not a new idea and many books on the subject are available but not all Scripture lends itself to being verbalized.  I simply reword the topics and themes with first-person pronouns to make them more applicable and easier to say.  Here is an example of what I’m talking about from Lamentations found in Volume One, page 30:

Read Lamentations 2-3

I confess and believe that in the face of hardship and affliction, I can cry out to the Lord and you will hear me.  Though I grieve night and day with many tears, you will hear me.  When I cry out in the middle of the night and pour out my soul in your presence, you will hear me.  Even when I am bent over with grief and sadness, I will lift up my hands and worship you, and you will hear me because your compassions never fail.  I survive because of your awesome love for me.  Your mercies are new every morning.  Your faithfulness is so great it is beyond my ability to comprehend.  You are all I have.  I will wait patiently for you.  I will remind myself that you, my Lord, and my God, are my only hope.  I trust that the Lord is good to those who place their hope totally and completely in you.  You are good to those who continually and passionately seek after you.  It is a good thing and it is good for me to wait quietly for your salvation and rescue to come.  Even when I feel forsaken, I know it will not last forever.  Your compassion and love will never fail me.  Even in the depths of despair, I can call on your name and you will hear me.  Because I place my trust in you, I will not be afraid.

With over 100 of these Scriptural confessionals in the books, titled according to topic, I am sure you can find one or more that speak to the immediate need you have to bring a certain area of your life under the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ.  With practice using my words, soon you will feel comfortable using your words to make your own Scripture-based declarations of faith that will build up your most holy faith and release the power of God in your life to walk in godliness and holiness before Him.

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